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QRS SpiroCard PC Spirometer


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QRS SpiroCard™ PC-Card Spirometer
The SpiroCard turns an off-the-shelf computer into a full-function spirometer. It exceeds the ATS Standard and out-performs its competition. The SpiroCard is pressure-calibrated at the time of production so there is no need for routine calibration. The SpiroCard interfaces with Office Medic, bringing diagnostic testing right to the point-of-care.

Office Medic spirometry features included customizable reports, test overlays, 12+ predicted equations, lung age calculation and 25+ parameters. FVC, Pre/Post Testing, Flow Volume Loop, MVV and SVC tests can be performed with the SpiroCard and Office Medic. This software also has adult and pediatric incentives and Automatic Test/Session Quality Checks to encourage and ensure quality spirometry tests are performed. See Specifications for more detailed information.

The SpiroCard is pre-calibrated and uses disposable pre-calibrated mouthpieces, simplifying spirometry. No calibration or sterilization is required with this system. QRS has all consumables available necessary for performing the most accurate and reliable spirometry tests; pre-calibrated mouthpieces, nose-clips and a Volume Calibration Syringe. ATS Guidelines recommend the use of nose-clips and require a daily calibration check on devices.


The SpiroCard meets the following Standards:

  • ATS/ERS 2005 Standard
  • British Thoracic Society (BTS) Standard
  • NICE Guidelines

The SpiroCard was validated by the LDS Hospital’s Pulmonary Laboratory against 26 demanding waveforms and out-performed systems costing 10 times its price.¹ It was found to have unparalleled accuracy and exceeds the ATS Standard.


FVC Accuracy
ATS: 3.0%
QRS Spirocard Spirometer: Less than 0.2%

FVC Precision
ATS: 3.5%
QRS Spirocard Spirometer: Less than 1.3%

FEV1 Accuracy
ATS: 3.0%
QRS Spirocard Spirometer: Less than 0.04%

FEV1 Precision
ATS: 3.5%
QRS Spirocard Spirometer: Less than 0.9%

PEF Accuracy
ATS: 10.0%
QRS Spirocard Spirometer: Less than 2.0%

PEF Precision
ATS: 5.0%
QRS Spirocard Spirometer: Less than 0.8%

¹According to LDS Hospital Independent Test 2000; Based upon ATS Standardization of Spirometry 1994.

Included with each SpiroCard purchase:

  • SpiroCard
  • Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces, 2
  • Pressure Tubes, 2
  • USB Adapter
  • Office Medic Software


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