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CardioTech SpiroThor Mobile


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SpiroTube Mobile Edition is a pulmonary function diagnostics and monitoring device with bluetooth communication interface and built-in battery. SpiroTube Mobile Edition is suitable for screening COPD and asthma.

The device can be used with mobile phones and PDAs with wireless connection. The respiratory diagnostic software runs on the mobile phone. The patient blows into the SpiroTube Mobile Edition device and the results appear on the mobile phone in real time.


  • Connection to PC via BlueTooth or USB, (WIFI available as an option to connect to iPad/iPhone)
  • BlueTooth connection to mobile devices (e.g. ANDROID, Smartphones, NOKIA mobile phones, PDA devices) and JAVA-ready mobile devices
  • Highly cost efficient design, robust, durable mechanics
  • No moving parts, durable factory calibration
  • Automatic internal calibration, (external validation with calibration pump available as an option)
  • Easy and efficient integration to HIS (Hospital Information Systems)
  • Software upgrade option
  • Plug and Play USB PC connection detection
  • Easy upgrade, standard interfaces
  • Long-term monitoring for home care use
  • Pharmaceutical testing subsystem
  • The inner surface of the flow tube is continuous, it can be disinfected with cold disinfecting liquid
  • Standard pulmonary function parameters: (FVC, -FEV*0.5, FEV*0.5/IVC, FEV*0.5/FVC, FEV*1.0/IVC, FEV*1.0/FVC, PEF, FEF*25-75%, MEF*75%, MEF*50%, MEF*25%, FET, MTT, FIVC, FIV*0.5, FIV*1.0, PIF, FIF*25-75%, VC, IRV, ERV, TV, Breath rate value
  • Insp./Expi Ratio : From 1:10 to 10:1


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