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MIR Spirotel Spirometer


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Asthma and COPD patient Telemonitoring via WEB

  • Spot and overnight SpO2 and HR measurements
  • Sleep apnea desaturation recording
  • Ideal for screening in the doctor’s office
  • Data receiving
    -via Internet
    -via PC-modem
    -via RS232 cable

Patient tests easily transmitted via telephone

  • Without modem, without wires, without problems
  • Doctor secure access to the patient results via Internet
  • Easy data analysis with comprehensive graphic presentations

Spirotel Records

  • Spirometry: FVC, FEV1, FEV1%, PEF, FEF 25-75, FET, Flow/Volume loop and Volume/time curve.
  • Oximetry: %SpO2 and Heart Rate for spot and overnight recording (every 4 sec).
  • Respiratory symptoms based on programmable questions.

Spirotel Offers

  • OPD monitoring, sleep apnea screening, desaturation analysis.
  • Up to 24 hours SpO2 and HR recording.
  • Digital turbine for accurate measurements without calibration.
  • Large memory capacity for spirometry and oximetry tests.
  • Internal software upgradeable via WEB.

User friendly

  • Switch ON/OFF, spirometry, oximetry and data transmission keys.
  • Spirometry test quality control.
  • Automatic test interpretation by traffic light.
  • Programmable warnings for SpO2 and Heart Rate levels.
  • Ideal for adult and pediatric monitoring.

Easy wireless data transmission

  • Spirotel is a pocket-sized device designed for patient use.
  • The test results are transmitted simply by making a call, placing the phone handset near to spirotel and pressing the key with the phone icon.
  • Spirotel towards the “virtual clinic” with major benefits both for patient and for health system.

Automatic data receiving by dedicated WEB server.

  • Test records accessible by the doctor via Internet.
  • Easy yet advanced PC software, for comprehensive data analysis.
  • Patient risk highlight by traffic light flag (green, yellow,red).
  • E-mail or SMS message to the doctor to advise of data reception. The easiest and most effective way to monitor and to prevent any exacerbation of the patient’s pathology

Teleconsulting & e-Health Care

  • Perfect for clinical trials teleconsulting and e-Health Care.
  • Usable in remote locations and in extreme conditions.
  • The test results can be transmitted directly to the doctor’s mobile phone via MMS. (Option)

WinspiroPRO PC Software

  • Spirometry parameters, curves and symptoms trends for an ideal evaluation of patient’s follow-up.
  • Sleep apnea detection and walking test recording with %SpO2 and Heart Rate profile.
  • Statistic analysis to assess desaturation events.
  • Data and graphs export also by email.
  • Can be integrated into other management systems.

2 year extended warranty available for $299


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