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Micro Medical MicroRint Transducer

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MicroRint Transducer 

Now available for MicroLab, MicroLoop & Superspiro is the optional MicroRint module for the easy measurement of airway resistance. Micro Medical's unique design has taken a hitherto specialised measurement out of the pulmonary function laboratory and into the clinic or home.

The Problem 

Wheeziness is a common problem in pre-school children. Objective assessment of this is difficult because such children cannot usually co-operate with conventional test of pulmonary function such as peak expiratory flow (PEF), or spirometry (FEV1 - FVC). This has hindered both the diagnosis of respiratory tract conditions and assessment of the response to therapy.

The Solution 

Airway resistance is determined by the calibre of the airways, the same factor which determines PEF. Airway resistance may be determined by momentary interruption of the airflow. During interruption alveolar pressure equilibrates with airway pressure allowing airway resistance (Rint) to be determined from airway pressure immediately after interruption and flow(Q) immediately before interruption (Rint - pressure/flow).

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