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Micro Medical Micro RMA

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Micro RMA

The driving force behind the ability to breathe

The MicroRMA is simply connected to a PC or laptop, by USB, to provide healthcare professionals with an essential breakthrough in the fields of respiratory assessment and pulmonary rehabilitation, where the relationship between the patient and their ability to breath is of critical importance.

Endurance Testing!

The MicroRMA controls the loading of a Constant Resistance (1), which is the most natural simulation of increased workload during normal tidal breathing. The cumulative energy expended against this load (pressure x flow x time) represents the endurance of the respiratory muscles. Only with the MicroRMA is the healthcare professional able to establish the endurance of the respiratory system in isolation:

A treadmill designed specifically for the lungs!

The MicroRMA has the unique ability to isolate and quantify the endurance of the respiratory muscles, concentrating solely upon the patient's ability to breathe.

Advantages of MicroRMA!

This sets the MicroRMA apart from current tests which indirectly estimate values for respiratory endurance, such as walking treadmills, cycle ergo-spirometry or the 6 minute walk. These tests are greatly influenced by factors outside the respiratory system, such as the patient's weight, general fitness, disability, experience of the test etc, and do not provide a direct, reliable measurement of the endurance of those crucial respiratory muscles.

The evolution of Constant Resistance, into an accessible, user friendly and portable form, also advances the field of respiratory muscle endurance measurements beyond the documented practice of Pressure Threshold Loading. The limitations inherent to Pressure Threshold Loading, such as the unnatural and irregular breathing style, make it unsuited for reproducible measurements of endurance, requiring intensive patient training and thus susceptible to the learning effect (2)

The unique mechanics of the MicroRMA counter these previous limitations by allowing the application of a Constant Resistance load to both the inspiratory and/or expiratory cycle, whilst the patient maintains their natural respiratory or breathing rate. This ensures the respiratory muscle endurance is measured at their daily levels and accurately reflects the ability of the patient to sustain breathing over a long period of time in their natural environment

2 year extended warranty available for $299


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